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Refining the recipe

We’re constantly improving to become the world’s happiest workplace. And because we believe our employees are family, being inclusive is paramount. We understand that being able to be yourself regardless of gender, language, nationality, or religion is a deep source of satisfaction. And that respect, listening, and communication are key. We know our employees have great ideas that help us move forward and we understand the challenges of balancing work and family life. Our team is the best and we want the best for them!

We’re proud of what we make

At Lamontagne, we take pride and satisfaction in making beautiful, premium products. When it comes to our chocolates, quality trumps quantity every time. Our company culture is one of mutual support among team members. And we don’t push too hard, because the safety of our people is much more important than our production statistics. Factory-made satisfaction comes from employees who are driven to do their best. They love what they do and it shows.

Lamontagne benefits

Like the ingredients that go into our delicious chocolates, the benefits we offer are the perfect recipe for job satisfaction.

Compensation and insurance

  • Competitive pay
  • $2/hour evening premium pay
  • $3/hour night premium pay
  • Contribution of up to 2.5% to your RRSP
  • $1,000 referral bonus
  • Medical and paramedical insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Travel insurance with assistance services

Work schedule

  • Non-rotating schedule
  • Different schedule options:
    • Five 7.5-hour days
    • Four 9.5-hour evenings
    • Three 12-hour days or night
  • Vacation based on your work experience here and elsewhere
  • The factory closes during the construction holidays and between Christmas and New Year’s
  • Two floating holidays
  • An attendance incentive giving you up to 2 additional floating holidays per year

Work environment

  • A climate-controlled work environment, air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter
  • A clean, safe factory
  • A pleasant place to work where the aroma of chocolate and roasted nuts fills the air
  • The opportunity to work at multiple stations and hone your skills
  • Non-routine work in a friendly atmosphere
  • No lifting over 15 kg/33 lb.

The perks

  • Free coffee
  • All-you-can-eat chocolates at break time
  • An employee recognition program
  • Employee discounts
  • Clean uniforms provided
  • A variety of chocolate gifts
  • Close to public transit

Interested in working with us?